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    We propagate the Faith of Mohammed.The faith of Mohammed was and is the Oneness of Allah. We attempt to define this oneness as the causeless cause, the rootless root.

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    Because custom cannot alter the nature of truth, nor can the opinion of man destroy justice History records the true nationality of the Negro/Black/Colored/African American.

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    Delivering live streaming services for the Asiatics of the Americas. Join us by watching live. From time to time special announcements and instructions will be live-streamed as well...

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    Noble Drew Ali Prophet & Founder
    The Human Rights Champion before the Civil Rights Era. Founder of the Uplifting of Fallen Humanity
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    In the Name of Allah, Father of the Universe, Honors to all his Angels, Prophets, and Holy Books, until the Day of Judgment. The the following rulings of the Supreme…

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    PRAYER: Mans Most Powerful Weapon

    MOORISH KORAN, CHAPTER 1 — THE CREATION AND FALL OF MAN “But man like every other thought of Allah, was but a seed, a seed that held within itself the…

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