All authority and power of the Moorish Science Temple of America is vested in the Prophet Noble Drew Ali and those whom he appoints to act as in the Supreme Grand Council.

The seats of the Supreme Council are appointed by the Grand Sheik & Chairman of the Moorish Science Temple of America, who presides over the council under his title: “Supreme Grand Sheik”.

According to the General Laws of the MSTofA, the Council consists of seven men (and women), who are “tried and true, and accepted” by the Grand Body of the Moorish Science Temple of America, according to their words, works, and deeds”. It’s important to note that their appointments must be “accepted” by the Grand Body. They are not chosen by the Grand Body.

The Grand Body consists of all Grand Governors, and Grand Sheiks (and their Assistants) of the MSTofA. Its also important to note that during our Prophets time, the Grand Body only consisted of the Grand Governors. The Grand Sheiks were provisionally allowed onto the Grand Body in the 1990’s.

At the 95th Annual Convention of the Moorish Science Temple of America (Sept. 15-20, 2021), the Supreme Grand Sheik & Chairman made the following appointments to the Supreme Grand Council:

  1. Bro. K. Dandridge El, Supreme Grand Sheik & Chairman, presiding
  2. Bro. E. Divine Amir Bey, Supreme Grand Secretary
  3. Bro. S. Nurruddin Bey, Supreme Grand Governor
  4. Bro. Terrence Parker El, Supreme Grand Historian
  5. (VACANT), Supreme Grand Treasurer
  6. (VACANT), Supreme Grand Business Manager
  7. (VACANT), Supreme Grand Spokesman/woman


Our founder, Prophet Noble Drew Ali, vested the Supreme Grand Council with power to exercise his authority in his absence. Of course, the Council’s authority is confined to work within the Prophets laws, with the responsibility to strictly preserve them. They are the highest judicial tribunal of the MSTofA, and their power includes an alloy of executive function. This was proclaimed by the Prophet as follows:

The Supreme Grand Council will have power and duty to control and supervise all the affairs and properties of the Moorish Science Temple of America, and they will be the sole judge of what constitutes conduct injurious to the order, peace, interest or welfare of the organization, or at variance with its constitution and by-laws, also the rules and regulations made by the Prophet, and shall be the sole judge of the sufficiency of the evidence by which such conduct is shown.

Their executive function makes them cabinet members of the Grand Sheik & Chairman, who presides over the council under his title of “Supreme Grand Sheik”. The council was also vested with:

…the “authority and power to expel any officer or member of the Moorish Science Temple of America who willfully violates or refuses to comply with the rules in regard to branch Moorish Science Temple; – and such suspensions and expulsions shall stand until in the judgement of the Prophet, the members and officers shall have made satisfactory atonement. All officers and members of the Moorish Science Temple of America and such rules and regulations of the constitution shall be in writing and not at variance with any law of the city, town or nation which the prophet shall declare a law. 


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