The 2020 Census — What You Need To Know

Quick Facts About the 2020 Census:

  1. The Census funds our schools, neighborhoods, and cities. If we do not respond, we are telling the federal government to send over $675 Billion in federal funding somewhere else.
  2. The census counts the population of each State. Did you know the population of your state is what gives your state more congressional representatives in congress?
  3. Did know that each congressional rep comes with 1 electoral vote to help your state choose the president?
  4. Proclaiming your Moorish nationality on the census is notice to the federal government of your permanent race/nationality correction

Please make informed choices. Standard Form 181 contains the legal definitions of the each racial category used by the US Census Bureau.
Ignorance of the law is no excuse. #BeMoor

For more detailed information, please read our presentation here, or contact us

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