WEBINAR: African Americans and the 2020 Census

This webinar will be a panel discussion between Moorish Science Temple officials, and official representatives from the US Census Bureau.
We will also have the renowned Anthropologist, Dana Reynolds-Marniche, as a special guest – speaking on her new Book, and helping us understand the historical connections between so-called “African Americans” and our “Moorish / Berber“, and “Middle Eastern” ancestors.
We will discuss:
  • The 2020 Census, and its role as the basis for power in US politics, as well as its role to distribute over $675 Billion in federal funds to our communities
  • The history of the “Black or African American” racial designation, its true legal meaning, status, and disabilities
  • We will interview Dana Reynolds, who is a specialist in the field of Anthropology. Her specialty being in Afro-Asiatic history, including Middle Eastern, Berber, and Moorish history.
  • We will unveil the true history of the trans-Atlantic slave trade (how it really began, what peoples were targeted by it, and why)
  • What the ancestors of so-called African Americans called themselves before being stripped of their true nationalities.
  • Why correcting your status from “Black / African American“, to “Asiatic – Moorish” is the first step to self-reparation, full human rights, and true citizenship in America
  • How to reclaim your Moorish status on the 2020 Census (and Voter Registration) to make a permanent correction with the state and federal governments, and honor our ancestors
  • Remember: Nationality is a Team Sport! We will outline how to play nationality the smart way, to fuel change to our collective Moral, Spiritual, Social and Economic conditions, here in America.
Please join us on August 1st, 5-8pm EST!

Host: Dr. Temeaka Gray El, Supreme Grand Spokeswoman – MSTA

Host: Bro. Keith Dandridge El, Supreme Grand Sheik & Chairman – MSTA

Co-Host: Lloyd Douglas El, Chairman – MSTA Mission #30

Guest: Hassan Basem, National Strategy Director – 2020 Census

Guest: Theodore Graves, US Census Bureau Representative

Special Guest: Dana Reynolds Marniche, Anthropologist, and Author of her new book: “The African and Arabian Origins of the Hebrew Bible: The Linguistic and Archeological Study”


Watch It Live on August 1st @ 5-8pm EST!
  1. Here on our site
  2. On our MoorishGuideTV YouTube page
  3. On @MSTOFA.NET facebook page


Recommended Instructions to begin reclaiming your Moorish identity by filling out the 2020 Census (MSTA membership encouraged, but not required!)
Correcting to Moorish - Census Flyer

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