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The Silver package only differs by the amount of supplies you are ordering along with paying your member registration fee. Select the package that best suits your budget. You can always purchase any product(s) later. A link to the Member eRegistration Form will be provided to you upon completion of your order.

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New Member Registration Instructions:
  1. Find a temple from our locations page that is within 2hrs of drive from you.
  2. If no temple is within 2hrs, then find the closest temple in your state.
  3. If no temple in your state, then we will register you At Large, and connect you to a temple virtually.
  4. Purchase this item now to apply for registration as a member of the MSTA.
  5. Your new membership package and registration fee of $58 includes the following:
    • Certificate of Registration: Included
    • New Member Orientation Manual and quizzes: Included
    • 1st Monthly Assessments ($20 total):
      • Dues: $10
      • Emergency Fund: $2
      • National Per Capita Tax: $5
      • Uplifting Fund: $3
    • MSTA Divine Constitution & By-Laws: $3
    • Nationality Card: $5
    • Moorish Holy Koran: $10
    • Koran Questionnaire: $5
    • Moorish Literature Pamphlet: $10
  6. Next, visit your local temple to confirm receive your Certificate of Registration, and begin attending meetings/services. If you don’t do this, your application will be delayed or denied.
  7. After receiving a Certificate of Registration from your temple, please begin paying your monthly assessments directly to your assigned temples’ payment portal.
  8. Monthly Assessments ($20/month) are due by the 20th of each month that you are working.

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